How to Date a Coworker? 5 Tips from Dating Guru

We all people who have been working or those who have worked somewhere, we all have once been in this situation where we wanted to date a coworker, right? It's okay because these are the feelings that we develop for someone who we are seeing for such a long time. We can get attracted towards them because of how they talk, behave or the way they look. So, if you want to date a coworker, here are the 5 tips you can consider.

Greet her, but don't over greet

There's a fine line between being a good coworker and being a desperate. Anyone can sense whether someone is clinging on to you for a particular reason. So, if possible, try to greet them with a smile whenever you can.

Approach the girl with confidence

Girls love guys who are confident. If you really confident while you walk up to her, you can absolutely experience wonders in your life. So, you can check out how to approach a girl to know what all you need to understand while you do that.

Express yourself via WhatsApp DPs

If you guys have been talking on WhatsApp, then you can absolutely try changing your WhatsApp DPs often. When you put Sad DPs for WhatsApp, and she asks you the reason behind it, you can absolutely ensure that she may be interested in you. But then, you'll have to play it safe.

Use your body language

You can absolutely win the heart of your coworker and get to date them if you use your body language nicely. Show how you are interested in talking to her or listening to her talks and all. This way, she would understand you. Plus, make sure that your body language speaks of a secure atmosphere for her. 

Do some private talks regarding office

You need to know how to ask a girl out the right way. One of the finest ways is by starting off with some private talks from the office. You can bitch about how the boss is having feelings for another coworker or how someone is breaching company's privacy policy and more things like that. 

So these were the best ways in which you can date a coworker at your office. Flirt with your coworker in a safe manner so that it does not come to your termination. You also need to ensure that you are starting your flirting game with your coworker in a very safe manner. Try soft flirts, then you can move to other methods.

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